Changing Times

Changing Times

The hardest aspect of any service-based business/enterprise is being able to offer a consistent level of good customer service, on any given day something may occur which affects the team’s ability to function on less than 100%.


The biggest challenge for the team is being able to offer the same attentive approach to a clients visit on a “flying” Saturday afternoon as they would get if they came in on a calmer Tuesday morning, making sure clients are being served a Cappuccino with an extra shot and a sweetener (if they so wish) to reading magazines with relevant content, there’d be little point in offering the latest copy of ‘Bunkered’ to a young lady receiving a silver balayage.


At b. we’re constantly facing a changing working environment, those whom return regularly will know that Louise has left us for the throng of the bright lights in the big city, incidentally she is settling in nicely at her new place but rest assured, if it goes south Louise, we’ll be waiting with a big net to catch you! As a result of this change, the salon has done something which would never have been thought of previously, we’ve closed Mondays!


Louise was part of a very busy Wednesday team, one which we were already thinking about adding to from our Monday team, but Louise leaving made us rethink a Monday altogether, we needed to replace Louise and add to as well, there was no way we could offer the same level of service on a Monday if we did this.


Whilst initially this was a very uneasy decision to make, fundamentally I feel we should be offering a service six days a week but, as a team we sat down and discussed the pros and cons, and collectively decided we could improve the service no end by all being present all days through the week (no one would ever go without that extra shot or sweetener ever again) I think there’s also an intangible benefit to having two days off together, completely recharging your batteries ready for the big week ahead.


We know that whilst we have lost a days service every week, what we’ve gained is a more rounded level of service at all times, and at, that’s always got to be our goal.


P.S. online booking will be available very soon so you can book in at your own convenience if we’re closed and not able to take your important call.

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