What makes the b.hair Flair?


When Bryn Bevan set up b.hair in the heart of Halifax, near Westgate Arcade, it was to deliver an experience he had long felt was often missing at other salons that he had been a part of – even well-known high street names. Put simply it is a level of service that is welcoming, friendly, relaxed and passionate about putting his clients first.  The only way Bryn can make this happen is by having complete control over all aspects – from the way you are welcomed when you step through the door to the way you feel when you leave. Essential to this is ensuring the team is as equally passionate by providing them with the training to become experts yet with the freedom to have their own stories and styles. It’s why he doesn’t rent chairs to any other stylists – they are either part of the b.hair team or they’re not in the salon.


And that’s what makes the b.hair Flair.