Straight Talking.

Straight Talking.

Style-Irons-Gift-Box-WebIt must be 20 years since I first picked up a pair of straightening irons in anger, and I remember being quoted by a hair magazine “I don’t know what we did without them” how many times have I heard that since? But I must say, what a success story they have been, GHD right at the top too, flying the flag for Yorkshire in those early days when they were based in Ilkley.

Some people have two pairs of irons, you know, just in case! You simply can’t leave the house without that look, but at what cost? That look is being created at the detriment of condition but we seem not to care.

20 years later most of us will still be using the type of iron everyday that doesn’t have a temperature control, so even if our style just needs a tweak in the morning, we’re hitting it with 220 degrees of heat, somebody told me only last week of a pair of irons that were so poor in quality that they can hit 280! We cook pizzas at half that in the oven so just what is it doing to our hair, even more concerning, I recently watched a YouTube film of a girl doing a “tutorial” on curling hair, the first section of hair taken was wrapped around a heat appliance and within 10 seconds the hair was singed clean off at the root, quite alarming I’m sure you’d agree.

These days there are so many examples available of products, which tend to be more sympathetic to condition of hair rather than just result, which is why there shouldn’t really be any reason for breakage due to over use of irons, if you need to just “refresh” the style, spray a good quality heat protector onto the hair and turn down the irons to half heat, its half the damage.

If you’re after a new pair of irons this Christmas, do some research on brands that have an iron with a variable heat control, after years of abuse, don’t you think you owe it to your hair.



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