SS 15 Colour

SS 15 Colour

Burberry Body Event Hosted By Christopher Bailey And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley In Beverly Hills - Red CarpetAt we’re constantly looking for the next big thing in hair, and word on the street is that Ombre is dead, or at least one particular strain of it is.

Ombre has been the single biggest change in hair colour over the last 3 or 4 years, even our colour partner Wella has developed a range of colour to make it easier for us hairdressers to use the technique, that’s how big it’s become, but like all great “inventions” square wheels and chocolate fire guards included, we have to evolve, and as sure as night turns to day.. Ombre has become Ecaille!

Ecaille (pronounced ecaye) is French for shell, or in this instance, tortoiseshell, it is based loosely around Ombre but the mix of shades and tones are much softer, gone (thankfully) is the huge contrast between roots and end colour and in come the kinds of colours that nature intended, colours that work together, warm browns/beige, caramel and toffee, colours that ooze style and class, not the kind that say, well, cheap!

Don’t be mistaken, whilst Spring is dragged kicking and screaming from the jaws of Winter, your stylist will still be able to offer the season changing colour you normally ask for when you want that Summer lift, it’ll just be bang on point!

The application of colour has changed slightly too, so when you book your next colour appointment, ask for a bit more time to be booked out.

So with the small changes we’re making, The King is dead… Long live the king!



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