Haris performs at Clothes Show Live!

Haris performs at Clothes Show Live!


The opportunity of working backstage at ‘Clothes Show Live’ comes but once a year, so was I going to pass it up? Not a chance!

I was told to be at Wetherby Services for 2.30pm, after being picked up we hotfooted it to Birmingham, the models need not fear now I thought, I was on my way.

The alarm went off at 4.45am the next morning, (the only occasion I’d seen 4.45am sober!) there was no time for breakfast as we were on site at 6.30am. The excitement was almost overwhelming even at that time in the morning, there were approximately 17 models, probably all as tall as me in heels, wow! We got to work straight away, helping and assisting with anybody that needed the support, time flew and before I knew it, I’d dressed hair, straightened dresses and.. oh yes, thats it, took a few selfies with Amy Childs!

It was nice to see and meet with a couple of models that I’d met last year too, although they looked a tad younger this time, strange.

After lunch, which was model food (small) I got to schmooze ¬†with the public on the other side of the curtain and it was great to see my hair walking down the runway, obvs telling anybody that I thought would listen. We managed to get a bit of shopping done too, picked up a pair of hedgehog headphones, not sure how long they’ll last though.

So came the end of the day and time so say goodbye to the models, I was going back to Halifax, they were going back to Paris, as you do.

In summary, I had a great day, met some amazing people, hello Amy! but really, there’s nothing like the feeling of achievement you complete a day in the salon.

Signing off until next year.


Haris J Tyler

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