Congratulations To Shona!

Congratulations To Shona!

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This month celebrates with Shona Kilvington on her qualification and promotion to Stylist within the salon.

Recently, my six-year-old daughter Martha asked me if Shona had worked hard to get there, I told her she had. Martha replied “As hard as if she had worked in a hospital?” Hmmm. I’m sure she had no idea that at six she had managed to slip into the political stereotyping that we hairdressers frequently hear… “Never mind, if it doesn’t work out you could always be a hairdresser”

No, I’m sure Martha didn’t intend for that to be taken in any other way than it was delivered, and furthermore, you should try telling Shona that her chosen profession any less important than some others, she has worked tirelessly for three years, both in the salon and on training nights to achieve her new found status, and an integral part of that training is understanding the art of a good consultation.

How many people that we’ve just met frequently travel back to where they used to live to get their hair done, or visit their existing dentist that’s over 50 miles away, most women say it is the most scary thing about moving areas, and not surprisingly, there is such a vast difference in quality between one salon and the next, even one stylist to the next.

Frequently, women will say that they’d actually rather go to the dentist than come and visit the hairdressers, but actually, this is due by and large to the ineffective consultation they receive, I would say that 95% of unwanted results are due to an inadequate consultation, the stylists inability to retrieve sufficient information from the client and in the end, the stylist probably guesses at what the client needs are for fear of not wanting to look daft.


Next time you’re in “the chair” be sure to confirm that the stylist has understood your needs, You’ll be amazed with the reduction of “grey areas” that there are.


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